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Dejan about the Hybrid Program Volume 1

Dejan about the Hybrid Program Volume 1


After 12 years of gymnastics & calisthenics and then 7 years of pure calisthenics with weighted calisthenics, i noticed that my physique & strength hit a plateau.

I didn’t see any progress even with experimenting with muscle mind connection, time under tension, endurance training etc.

I just didn’t improve at the rate I wanted to. I knew i would be better if i implemented different training styles but my EGO and other peoples opinions hold me back.

Until September of 2019.

I decided to change my program to combining Weighed Calisthenics with weightlifting, powerlifting & Olympic weightlifting.

After only 2 months (8weeks) I´ve crushed my OLD PRs like nothing.

Like the Muscle Up – I couldn’t do over 35kg for over 3 years and after only 2 months of Hybrid… I did 43kg.

Yes, my strength went way up but also my physique got fuller, thicker, more aesthetic even in a bulk (calorie surplus).


From 2012-2019 i trained by muscle groups Basically every day a different muscle group but with Hybrid i had to change that up.

Now its splitbetween: upper & lower body, pull, push & legs workouts. With rest days on Wednesday & Sunday.

Thats the only way to recover between every workout and be 90-100% . I also changed my rep ranges to 1-5 reps & 8-12.

I changed the sets range to 8 sets for strength exercises with 3-5min rests in between.


Anyone can do this program. Depending on your level the program will be easier or harder. And as you progress It will get more difficult by changing the % of the weight you are working with.

Hybrid volume v2 Will be even better with some changes.

Coming soon.






Dejan Stipic aka Stipke is a Calisthenics & Hybrid athlete with a REPs master trainer certificate. He started his successful journey in 1999 doing competitive gymnastics, retired in 2011 and started Street Workout & Calisthenics in 2012. From 2013 he was already one of the top SW athletes in the World. In his first competitive year he took 3rd place at the SW World Cup Super Final in Russia, Moscow. From there he competed at World Cups, Championships, King of the Bars, but also judged big competitions like World Cup stages and did workout seminars in UAE, Switzerland, Poland, Taiwan etc.