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How the superforce program was created

How the superforce program was created

Hey guys, in my first blog post I want to explain you the background story of my superforce workout program!

When I was a kid, my grandfather was teaching me bodyweight functional band exercises to improve my strength, functionality, endurance

and explosive power.

Afterwards when I was a little bit older, my parents sent me to sambo training where I learned even more about dealing with assistant bands during working out.

After my sambo career was over, I completely moved to calisthenics. Later also to Powerlifting and cross-fit to become the strongest and most complete athlete!

Till these days I’m implementing asisstant band workouts into my weekly schedule to improve myself even more and to get faster!


So after more then 22 years of professional trainings I’ve created the superforce program.

It contains over then 100 different bodyweight assistant band, functional calisthenics and cross fit exercises.

This program was made especially for those who wanna learn something new, challenge themselves and become even better version of themselves!

I went through so many injuries cause of wrong way of training so that I’ve created my programs to protect you from these things and prevent any injuries!