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Nutrition Plan – Vegan

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This 8 week plan will provide you with all the knowledge and a step by step guide on how to grow bigger using my workout program and this day by day diet plan!


My reason being vegan since over two years now are some coincidents and a very good friend of mine. He didn’t try to make me feel guilty for suffering animals, but listed me the HEALTH BENEFITS of a vegan lifestyle. I tried it and here I am. I never had this type of strength, I’m in my best shape and my endurance is crazy! I’ve never felt this healthy in my life and I’m in love with the results the vegan diet gave me.



The Nutrition Plan offers:

– precise but wide introduction in veganism, calories counting, intermittent fasting and everything you have to know about my nutrition


– exclusive video about my diet


– 8 week day per day guide and plan with recipes for 3 meals and one snack

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