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Stipke Collection

Muscle Building

“Increasing strength and muscle gain through pure calisthenics”


“Define your body but also strengthen your performance”

Hybrid v1

“Innovative workout mixed out of calisthenics, weightlifting and bodybuilding”

Home Workout

“Get in shape and stress free easily at home”


“Step by step guide for healthy nutrition”


“Additional guides to every chosen workout program”


Dejan “Stipke” Stipic




Dejan Stipic aka Stipke is a Calisthenics & Hybrid athlete with a REPs master trainer certificate.
He started his successful journey in 1999 doing competitive gymnastics, retired in 2011 and started Street Workout & Calisthenics in 2012.
From 2013 he was already one of the top SW athletes in the World. In his first competitive year he took 3rd place at the SW World Cup Super Final in Russia, Moscow.
From there he competed at World Cups, Championships, King of the Bars, but also judged big competitions like World Cup stages and did workout seminars in UAE, Switzerland, Poland, Taiwan etc.

Before Fame:

– Born & Raised in Serbia
– Began training gymnastics at the age of 6
– Competitively from the age of 7
– Multiple National Overall champion
– Multiple pommel horse, rings and parallel bar champion
– Serbian Gymnastics representative



“Already during my career as a gymnast I realized that one day I would like to share my experience and knowledge to help other people in their fitness. Through my successes in the gymnast industry and the techniques I learned, I was able to complete many exercises more easily and implement them more easily. Exactly these tips and secrets around the right Calisthenics training, but also around my conscious nutrition I would like to pass on to my community to support them in their fitness development.”