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Let’s workout at home!

Let’s workout at home!

Since the start of the pandemic in 2020 a lot of people couldn’t go to the gym & parks because of the government rules. And now in 2021 with the 3rd or 4th wave the gyms started to lockdown yet again.

People are stressed and afraid to lose their progress, stuck at home with nothing to do except worry… Well, you don’t actually have to stop training if you practice calisthenics.

For Calisthenics you only need a little to NONE equipment, a little knowledge, the will & a good program. Thats why I created a workout program which anyone can do, from beginners to already seasoned athletes. You literally don’t need any equipment except a towel & floor. You can adjust the sets / reps to your level  and make it more difficult for you! This way, you will still be in shape,

stress free, Happy & of course it will keep you healthy.

I did the same exercises when i was stuck in a 60day quarantine last year and it was the only thing keeping me sane for that time and relieved my stress & anxiety.

Especially being a pro athlete I was happy that I had this knowledge of calisthenics and didn’t have to go to the gym to workout. Yes, you can’t bench press but you can do different variations of push ups. Same with any other exercise.

Don’t let this bad times stop you from achieving your goals.

Dejan Stipic aka Stipke is a Calisthenics & Hybrid athlete with a REPs master trainer certificate. He started his successful journey in 1999 doing competitive gymnastics, retired in 2011 and started Street Workout & Calisthenics in 2012. From 2013 he was already one of the top SW athletes in the World. In his first competitive year he took 3rd place at the SW World Cup Super Final in Russia, Moscow. From there he competed at World Cups, Championships, King of the Bars, but also judged big competitions like World Cup stages and did workout seminars in UAE, Switzerland, Poland, Taiwan etc.