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Vadym Collection

“Superforce” Workout

“Calisthenics- and crossfit-inspired home workout”

Calisthenics Workout

“Learn How to train Calisthenics with a real Champ”


Vadym Oleynik




Vadym Oleynik is a professional calisthenics athlete, globally requested coach and judge with over then 22 years of experience.At the age of 4 he started training fighting sambo, where he reached the highest point becoming the “master of sport”.Before his calisthenics journey began, he was competing at the world class competitions around all over globe. Since 2015 he is a judge and globally requested coach. All calisthenics competitions and world cups he completed successful. Right now he’s the most unique calisthenics athlete who is mixing calisthenics with crossfit, weightlifting and powerlifting inspired exercises!

Before Fame:

He was born and raised in Ukraine, started doing sambo at the age of 4 and got the title “master of sport”.



“Sambo training in my childhood taught me that training with your own body weight is an important but challenging task. Calisthenics also gave me the fun factor, increasing the personal reps, weights or just performing freestyle. I also see teaching others around the world as a purpose of mine. Sharing my experience and knowledge means a lot to me, so I’m happy to help, challenge and help everyone in their fitness.”